High Voltage DC Relay type GER400, 450 VDC, 400A.


GER400 High Voltage DC relay from LSIS

High Voltage DC Relay for operating voltage of 450 VDC, 400A (Rating DC450V 400A).

APPLICATIONS: High DC voltage applications such as:

  • Electric Vehicle
  • Hybrid Vehicle
  • Renewable Energy Storage
  • Battery Charging System
  • Fuel Cell & Solar System
  • General-purpose Industrial Equipments



Width  x Height x Depth [mm] 111x63x74,7
Contact Form SPST-NO
Contact Structure Double break, Single
Short-time Current 2 min; 900A, 10 min; 600A
Rated Coil Voltage 12V (24V)
Coil power consumption 5 Watt
Max allowable coil voltage 16 VDC
Operating Voltage DC 450V
Rated Impulse withstand voltage 4.000 V
Conventional thermal Current 400A
Mechanical Durability  (3600 operations an hour) Min. 300.000 cycles
Electrical Durability 400A, 450VDC, 2000cycles
(at 360cycles/Hr)
Operating time Max. 30ms
Release time Max. 10ms
Temperature Range -40 ~ 85℃
Humidity 5-95% R.H.
Insulation strength (Initial) Min. 100MΩ(@500VDC)
Weight 700 g
Certification  — Contact Cotronics bv

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