GPR200PCB, High Voltage DC Relay, 450 VDC, 200A.


GPR200PCB High Voltage DC relay from LSIS

High Voltage DC Relay for direct PCB mounting, operating voltage of 450 VDC, 200A.


Number of poles 1 pole
Operating Voltage DC 450V
Rated Impulse withstand voltage, Uimp 4 kV
Conventional thermal Current 200A
Short time withstand current

2 min, 400Amps

15 min, 300Amps

Mechanical Durability  (3600 operations an hour) 200.000 cycles
Electrical Durability 200A, 450VDC: 1000 cycles (uni-directional)
300A, 450VDC: 100 cycles (uni-directional)
Voltage drop [ initial] 0,04V@20A
Operating time Max. 50ms
Release time Max. 30ms
Temperature Range -40 ~ 85℃
Humidity 5-95% R.H.
Insulation strength (Initial) Min. 100MΩ(@500VDC)
Size, W × H × D( mm ) 75,2×42,5×70
Certification  None (target Automotive market)

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