Stappen motor NEMA42, 21Nm

Stappen motor NEMA42, 21Nm, 10Arms, 150mm; Model M1433020.



Stappen motor NEMA42, 21Nm, 10Arms, 150mm; Model M1433020.

With a static torque up to 29Nm (4107oz-In) the NEMA42 stepper motors are used successfully in the most demanding applications.

Supplied with 19mm diameter shaft and key, they can be mechanically and electrically customized.

The windings have 8 wires and can therefore be used with unipolar type drives. When used in bipolar mode (recommended) it is possible to choose between a series type connection, to limit the phase current, or a parallel type, for applications exploiting the motors at high speeds.

Technical Data

Bipolar Holding Torque 21Nm (2974oz-in)
Bipolar Phase Current 10Arms parallel connection
5Arms series connection
Rotor Inertia 11000g-cm2 (60,06oz-in2)
Length 150mm (5,91inches)
Weight 8500g (300oz)
Flange NEMA 42 110x110mm (4,33×4,33inches)
Leads Number 8
Full step angle 1,8°


  • High torque density
  • Optimized for microstepping drive
  • Excellent dynamic performance
  • Double shaft versions available
  • Rear ground screw