LS Industrial XGB Series PLC, type XGB-DR10E, XBC Economic E-Type Unit, 110/240VAC Input Power, 18 x 24VDC Digital Inputs, 12 Relay Outputs, 2 Option slots, Expandable (Max. 38 pts) I/O

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LSIS XGB Series PLC, XBC Economic E-Type Unit, Typenumber XBC-DR30E:


  • 18 Digital Inputs, 24VDC
  • 12 Relay Outputs
  • Power supply is AC 110V-230V
  • 2 Expansion slot available (for more digital in/outputs, analog in/outputs, etc)
  • Programming by PC over RS232 connection.
  • Programmable by free downloadable XG5000 programming software.
  • Flexible Connectivity using 2 Option Modules
  • Two communication ports are available: (1) Serial Programming port and (1) Serial peripheral port (RS232 or RS485) that supports Modbus RTU, LS dedicated protocol, and user defined protocols.
  • Powerful Performance, Fast Processing Speed (0.24µs/step)
  • Built-in Functions: RS-232C/485 (1-ch), High-Speed Counter, Pulse Catch, Input Filter, External Interrupt
  • Approvals: CE / UL / cUL

Detailed specifications


Rated Voltage (UL warranty voltage) AC 100 ~ 240 V
Input voltage range AC85~264V(-15%, +10%)
Inrush current 50A Peak or less
Input current 0.5A or less (220V), 1A or less (110V)
Efficiency 0.65
Permitted momentary power failure 10ms or less
Dimensions in (LxHxD) 3.9×3.5×2.5
Rated output DC5V 250mA
DC24V 0.2A
Output voltage ripple DC5V (±2%)
Cable specification 0.75 ~ 2 mm2
Input point 6 point, 1 COM
Isolation method Photo-coupler isolation
Rated input voltage DC24V
Rated input current 4mA (point 0-3: 7mA)
Operation voltage range DC20.4~28.8V (within ripple rate 5%)
On voltage / On current DC19V or higher / 3mA or higher
Off voltage / Off current DC6V or lower / 1mA or lower
Input resistance 5.6kΩ (P00~P03: 2.7kΩ)
Response time  Off → On 1/3/5/10/20/70/100ms (set by I/O parameter) default: 3ms
 On → Off 1/3/5/10/20/70/100ms (set by I/O parameter) default: 3ms
Insulation Voltage/Resistance AC560Vrms / 3 cycle (altitude 2000m); 10MΩ or higher
Output point 4 point
Isolation method Relay isolation
Rated load voltage/current DC24V 2A (resistive load) / AC220V 2A (COSΦ=1), 5A/COM, 3 COM (Isolated)
Min. load voltage/current DC5V / 1mA
Max. load voltage AC250V, DC125V
Off leakage current 0.1mA (AC220V, 60Hz)
Max. On/Off frequency 3,600 times / hour
Surge absorber None
Service Life Mechanical 20 million times or more
Electrical Rated load voltage / Current 100,000 times or more
AC200V / 1.5A, AC240V / 1A (COSΦ=0.7) 100,000+ times
AC200V / 1A, AC240V / 0.5A (COSΦ=0.35) 100,000+ times
DC24V / 1A, DC100V / 0.1A (L / R=7㎳)
100,000+ times
Response time  Off → On 10ms or less
 On → Off 12ms or less
Communication Port 1
Connection Mini-DIN, 6-pin
Connects To XG5000 programming software, Limited Operator interfaces1
Protocols XGT Loader Protocol (CPU)
Serial communication method RS-232C
Modem connection function N/A
Data Type Data bit 8
Stop bit 1
Parity None (fixed)
Synchronization type Asynchronous type
Transmission speed (bps) 115200 bps (fixed)
Station No. setting 0 (fixed)
Transmission distance Max. 50ft (15m)
Diagnosis function Check available by XG-PD diagnostic service
Communication Port 2
Connection Terminal Block
Connects To External Devices
Protocols XGT dedicated protocol client, Modbus ASCII/RTU client, User defined client, LS Bus client, XGT dedicated protocol server, Modbus ASCII/RTU server
Serial communication method RS-232C/RS-485 User Selectable
Modem connection function N/A
Data Type Data bit 7 or 8
Stop bit 1 or 2
Parity Even/Odd/None
Synchronization type Asynchronous type
Transmission speed (bps) 1200/2400/4800/9600/19200/
38400/57600/115200 bps
Station No. setting Range: 0-255, Max. number of stations: 32
Transmission distance Max. 50ft/1640ft (15m/500m)
Diagnosis function Check available by XG-PD diagnostic service